What Went Wrong With The Humane Hierarchy is Still Wrong With The Proposed Revisions

by Susan Friedman

Although the title of this editorial is a wink at Tim Steele’s recent blog for the Academy for Dog Trainers, I applaud his discussion of the Humane Hierarchy. I admire anyone who believes there is an opportunity for improvement and takes meaningful action. Similarly, my admiration goes out to Glenn Pierce of PowerPuppy Dog Training, whose graphic is displayed in Mr. Steele’s blog.

Cat Division

Horse Division

An Evaluation of Parelli’s Training Methods

by Alice Campbell

Horsemanship is the skill of managing and working with horses that is developed through experience and knowledge (Goodwin et al., 2009). Natural Horsemanship (NH) trainers are those who work closely with horses and use understanding of equine natural behaviour and herd structure to communicate with them (Fureix et al., 2009; Visser et al., 2009; Kedzierski et al., 2012).

Working Animals Division

Mental Stress in Service Dogs

by Barbara Handelman

Working dogs give their hearts and souls to meeting their disabled handlers’ needs. The relationship between dogs and their handlers is deeply personal, interdependent, and intimate. This article addresses reducing mental stress for service dogs and improving the welfare of working dogs. While physical stress also impacts working dogs, it is not the subject of this article.

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Interview with Dr. Alexandra Protopopova

by Barbara Davis

“I was actually planning to be a veterinarian.” And so were declared the earliest professional aspirations of Alexandra (Sasha) Protopopova, PhD, a scientist whose work is finding a varied and eager audience in the animal welfare world these days.