Category: Horse

An Evaluation of Parelli’s Training Methods

by Alice Campbell

Horsemanship is the skill of managing and working with horses that is developed through experience and knowledge (Goodwin et al., 2009). Natural Horsemanship (NH) trainers are those who work closely with horses and use understanding of equine natural behaviour and herd structure to communicate with them (Fureix et al., 2009; Visser et al., 2009; Kedzierski et al., 2012).

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Do horse walkers cause stress, and can we reduce it by exercising horses together?

by Caitlyn Cuthbert

The isolation of equines has been proven to negatively affect their welfare (Mal et al., 1991 and Hartmann et al., 2011), with horses stabled with no contact showing significantly more stress than those in group living situations (Yarnell et al., 2015). Even with substantial research confirming the stress caused by isolation, domesticated horses are subjected to long hours in isolated management (Kay and Hall, 2009 and Bachman et al., 2017).

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